About Us


The purpose of the Washington Association for Career Counseling and Employment Readiness shall be to promote and recognize Career Counseling, Work-Site Learning, Career Choices and over all Career and College Readiness,  as integral and important to the total education program in the State of Washington; to work with other organizations to provide professional development in the alignment of CTE standards in programs through in-service activities; to pledge active assistance and support to all members of this organization.

Our Officers

Current officers

President                       Shelley Jellison

President Elect              Open

Secretary                       Terry Derrig

Treasurer                       Patti McMullan

Past Officers

Past Presidents              Nora Zollweg & Marie Miller

Treasurer                       Geri Prater

Committees &  Members 

Legislative–Shelley Jellison

Professional Development–Marie Miller, Laurie Price

Membership/Marketing–Nora Zollweg

Awards–Laurie Price

Scholarship–Shelley Jellison

Newsletter–Patti McMullan, Shelley Jellison

Our Bylaws and Constitution